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Our Projects

A sample of our work through the years

Ψημίτη ΑΕ_edited.jpg

Debt Restructuring of Psimitis S.A.

Deal Size: € 115.000.000,00

Debt and Collateral Restructuring of Psimitis S.A. the Greek
Leader on Cardiovascular Technologies.

Debt Restructuring of Aneza S.A.

Deal Size: € 22.500.000,00

Debt Restructuring of Aneza S.A. a company specialized in
poultry especially in the broiler meat sector.

Κοτόπουλα Ανέζας ΑΕ.jpg
ΣΚΟ ΑΕ.png

Debt Restructuring of SKO S.A.

Deal Size: € 12.500.000,00

Debt Restructuring of SKO S.A. a family cannery in Northern
Greece mainly focused on Peach and Mushroom canning as
well as the production of raw materials for the pastry industry.

Corporate Restructuring of Lemonis Group of Companies

Deal Size € 90.000.000

Restructuring and revaluation of the assets of F & K Lemonis S.A. revealing the reserves of the company effectively presenting the financial position of the company through its merger with Lemhollc S.A. creating Lemonis S.A..

Holiday Sun AE_edited.jpg

Debt Restructuring of Holiday Sun S.A.

Deal Size: € 3.450.000,00

We successfully completed the debt restructuring of the second biggest hotel unit on the Greek island of Paros, creating space for growth.

Debt Restructuring of Tsokas S.A.

Deal Size: € 18.300.000,00

We successfully completed the debt restructuring, within the Greek pre-insolvency legislative framework of Tsokas S.A.. Being a former leader in tour buses and car sales Tsokas S.A. was in need of a deal that would redefine its condition and allow it to grow back again. A three year project we are proud of.

Τσόκας ΑΕ.png
Χαρτοποιία Κομοτηνής ΑΕ.jpg

Debt Restructuring of Komotini Paper Mill S.A.

Deal Size: € 25.000.000,00

Komotini Papers Mill S.A.'s restructuring was on of the first projects or firm ever completed. As a result Komotini Papers Mill S.A. in now on of the biggest paper mills in Greece, a dynamic company with more than 50% of its sales being exported.

Debt Restructuring of Zouras Farm S.A.

Deal Size: € 90.000.000,00

Debt and collateral restructuring of Zouras Farm S.A., the market leader in table eggs production. Our work created the foundation for a decade of growth.

Ζούρας Φαρμ ΑΕ.png
Projects: Projects
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